Advocates for youth and behavioral health services.


Our Philosophy

Firebird, LLC.’s goal is to help our clients create productive, happier lives by providing quality professional services. Our employee/contractors play a vital role in ensuring that our commitment to excellence is reflected in our service to clients.

Who We Serve


Currently, we serve individuals between the ages of 18 and 90. Also, families eligible for non-intensive family preservation are those with one or more children ages 5 through 18 years who are at risk for current or future role dysfunction that could lead to out-of-home placement. Referrals are accepted from any source, to include a family. Risk

Factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Lack of effective parenting
– Family disruption/instability
– Substance abuse
– Abuse/neglect
– Behavioral difficulties
– Court/law enforcement involvement
– Low income
– Academic/truancy problems
– Developmental disabilities
– Intergenerational difficulties
– Mental/emotional problems
– Family violence
– Teen pregnancy
– Health problems

Reunification services, as a Non-Intensive, are provided to families who have one or more children returning from an out-of-home placement. The populations of children for whom this service shall be made available include those alleged or found to be abused, neglected or dependent, emotionally or behaviorally disturbed; undisciplined or delinquent; and/or have medical needs, that the assistance could be managed in the home.

How We Succeed

Firebird, LLC provides individualized services to assist individuals to recognize their strengths and overcome challenges that surround their lives. Our approach is client centered so that each person can process information based on their most effective learning style to assist them with their transition. Our programs use auditory, visual, linguistic and kinetic learning to reinforce behavior modification. Our belief is that building a quality worker/client relationship enhances the process of assisting each client in learning behavioral coping skills. By providing behavioral management tools, the client will be able to make better life choices in the future.

Description of Services

– Services are targeted to families with children at risk for current or future role dysfunction in home or community, due to a variety of socio-cultural, physical, psychological, and academic factors;
– Services are time limited – provided for a maximum of six months; Services are home-based
– At least one-half of a caseworker’s time spent providing family preservation services to a family is spent in face to face contact in the family’s home and community;
– Services focus on promoting family competence and stability – building on strengths and the families own resources;
– Services are provided in a culturally competent manner with understanding of and respect for cultural and ethnic diversity;
– The services provided are both therapeutic and concrete;
– All Firebird, LLC clients have access to crisis/emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
– Caseloads range from eight families at a time, based on the intensity and duration of services and the severity of the problems, as recommended by Caseworkers, Parents, Probation and Parole Officers, WIN Workers and approved by Firebird, LLC Manager;
– Firebird, LLC’s Caseworkers have specialized training and support to provide this service.

Caseload and Length of Service:

Caseloads range from eight families at a time, based on the intensity and duration of services and the severity of the problems, as recommended by DFS Caseworkers, WIN Workers, Parole and Probation Officers and approved by Firebird, LLC Manager or Directors. Non-Intensive Firebird, LLC Services programs range in models from early intervention to reunification, thus intensity and duration of services vary. Initial contacts with a family will be more frequent; intensity of service will decrease as the family becomes more self-sufficient. Families can be served for up to six months. This standard was set to allow flexibility in response to individual family service needs while at the same time endorsing the principles of a time limited intervention model that takes advantage of the discomfort and disequilibrium that occurs in a crisis to generate positive changes within a family. It means that planning for termination of the service is incorporated in the treatment plan and goal setting with the family from the beginning.
Following termination of service, the Non-Intensive Firebird, LLC Services caseworker may need to be available to the family for brief interventions “booster shots” – if there is an issue related to the work that was accomplished during the original intervention. These types of contacts are typically initiated by the family and serve to reinforce learning or progress that has been made. The Program may consider restarting services for the family if needed.

Staff Qualifications

Each Non-Intensive Firebird, LLC Program must have written Policies that address the educational and experience qualifications for Family Preservation Services caseworkers. Caseworkers / PSR must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services or a related field. Basic Skills Trainers / Mentors must have a High School Diploma and experience working with youth with Behavioral Issues. The Program assures that staff has the body of knowledge, competence and practice skills required to effectively provide family preservation services. The Program has a written plan for orientation, family-centered training and on-going staff development.